My Quickcam is too bright.

I have a Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks Plus that I have used for some years. It was working great under 11.3 for Skype and Kopete, using the zc3xx driver. Basically, the picture would start out to bright, but then automatically adjust to the correct level of brightness.

Under 11.4, also using zc3xx, it is too bright and stays that way. Of course, in Kopete, there are ways to adjust settings, but in Skype there are none. Is there anything to be done?

I thought that I would report that I have resolved this issue. It seems that the zc3xx driver has been adjusted over time to respond to user complaints that their quickcams are too dark. The end result is that mine is too bright. Sigh.

I resolved this problem by pulling the latest gspca source (2.12.24) from here and the kernel source from I pulled the files zc3xx-reg.h, zc3xx.c, and coarse_expo_autogain.h from the kernel and copied them into the gspca build directory and built/installed the drivers. My quickcam not behaves as it did under SUSE 11.3.