my ps2 keyboard freezes after fresh installaion of 15.3

my ps2 keyboard freezes after Plymouth screen loaded.
in the fresh installation of 15.3. it work fine while in installation and also in previous 15.3 pre release builds. i m not able to enter password with my keyboard.
please fix the problem.

Does Ctrl + Alt + F1 bring you to virtual console #1?

Are there any LED’s on the keyboard and are they on/do they react on keys?

Does your PC have 2 PS/2 ports? If yes, is the keyboard plugged into the bottom (possibly purple, not green) one? I use mainly PS/2 keyboards, with no problems with 15.3 or any other version.

yes only num lock led goes on. but it doesn’t off when i try to off numlock . no keys are working after playmoth screen loaded. it works fine in bios settings,wimdows 10 .

later i try to install tumbleweed .but here also i face same issue… i think a bug need to be fix in 15.3 and latest tumbleweed editions

no … only one ps/2 hybrid port for mouse and keyboard…

Maybe a little info on your HW would give us an idea…

Are you sure it’s just your keyboard? Can you move the mouse? SSH in?

Do you have access to any other keyboard to try?

Are you using a keyboard extension cable that you could remove?