my pppoe connection not working

I have installed opensuse 12.3 on my asus k45 VD Loptop.but wired (pppoe) connection not working.Here are some Photos related toThe output of the network card and ifconfig command, network setting,dsl in yaST, I think that would be helpful.
Please Help me,
If possible,please you Teach make a pppoe connection By command line.


You appear to be using Network Manager to control your network interfaces, yet you have requested to configure via CLI. If that is the case, then you’ll need to select ‘Traditional Method with ifup’ to start with.

i select ‘Traditional Method with ifup’ but yet I dont have access to internet.

please help me.

If you are “home” user with a typical isp it may help if you select IPV4 only.

I posted a link to a pure IPV6 site in the " always need two attempts to run online update" thread. My kit is fully IPV6 capable. As far as browsers are concerned going on Firefox, Opera and Konqueror error messages only Konqueror is. That shows connection refused.

In the past I have had problems with YAST if use IPV4 or 6 is selected. Another option but as my ISP doesn’t support 6 there is no point using it and if it does work it probably goes via IPV6 tunnelling. More likely 6 is being tried, fails so uses 4 or 6 takes so long at times it fails out.