my poor newbish screenie

Hello everyone im using this thread for dual purposes. First to introduce my self my name is Ken and I have just started using openSUSE. Before this I used that other linux distro (cough cough *buntu) oh excuse me lol. Second is to post my screenie of my recently installed openSUSE 11.2 gnome version which I am extremely pleased with aside from a couple very minor issues installing download rpm files which have quickly been resolved. Without further ado here is my screenshot](

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Welcome ken

Welcome indeed!

arigato gozaimasu

(thankyou very much)

Ken welcome to OpenSuSe & its Forum!
It’s OK to mention other distros here, a good portion of us here multi boot. Some of us here even use another distro alongside Opensuse. So don’t let the picky 1% distort your view go ahead mention that other linux distro (cough cough *buntu).

lol yeah i know its ok, that was what you would call “an attempt at humor”