my plastic lenses are corrupt

hmm… if I only knew how plastic sounds when knocking…

I really don´t remember what I told them… maybe I didn´t tell them which material to use. So it must be plastic then. :smiley:

The coating I referred to in my post #16 above, and which I really love, was recommended to me by a visitor to our Island who’d done some contract work for the manufacturer a while back. When he finished raving about how great the product was I just went away shaking my head… sounded to good to be true. Neverthless, I ended up ordering the coating with the next pair I bought and discovered that all the hyperbole was quite justifiable (IMHO)

Here’s a link to the maker’s site.The lenses were nothing special, just the default “plastic lenses” I’d always bought. It was the coating that really impressed me (and still does).