My place in the community


I have been using openSUSE for quite a time now(though I admit I use windows more). And helping out creating this great OS was always a wish of mine. However I ran into some difficulties. This page How to Participate - openSUSE is kinda blurry to me.

Once I tried to translate some stuff, I figured out how, but didn’t really got how my contribution will be acknowledged. Now I would like to try some coding, though I’m not sure exactly if my knowledge is enough for this. I would appreciate if someone would point me in a right direction. I would like to be assigned to a smaller/easier task first, and see how it works out.

Thanks in advance to everyone.

Hi & Welcome, :slight_smile:

Irc could be a good place to get started with this and also a place get answers to multiple questions by chatting.
Have a look here : Communicate/IRC - openSUSE
#openSUSE-project & #openSUSE-factory could be good starting points.
If you can’t find someone with answers right away, it’s always good to come back later as many pop in and out of Irc.

As for the page you linked to… It would be good to see if you can define and give input on what you find blurry about the page, and more important, how to get it more clear (also for others).

Each page on the openSUSE site has a ‘Discussion’ link (at the top). There you can post suggestions to have the page updated where is needed.

Wishing you a productive & fun time :wink: