My OpenSuse11 thoughts

One word = YEAH!!!

Absolutely rock solid, single-handedly replaced the rest of Windows desktop machines in my network during a weekend.

Can’t stop ranting about it to anyone who has the patience to listen to me.

Truly a classy, clean, professional OS, right out of the box. And it’s a groovy green too.

Thanks to all who put this together, and to those here that won’t stop helping me.

Vista has WOW!, I have YEAH!!!


+1 I got tired of configuring Debian. Then I got tired of the bugs in Ubuntu and it’s kids. Opensuse is the place for me.

openSUSE is the best :wink:

> right out of the box.

love your enthusiasm and joy, but when i search the forum for Heeter
posts i find SIXTY-FOUR…and wonder if NONE of them seek tweaks to what
came out of the box???

DenverD (Linux Counter 282315)
A Texan in Denmark


You are absolutely right.

Next time, I should double check that I had a good download of the 32bit version DVD, not just assume that it came through good.

My 64bit version, I had to learn how to configure the partitions, But once it installed, it has been great and solid, and I have been learning how to make it my personal setup through the forums. But the install base was solid from the get-go.

Now the 32bit version is doing just as great. I took my tower to work with me. My boss has let me uses it as my workstation. My boss is so interested in it, that we have converted two XP workstations to Opensuse 32bit.

My boss talked to another boss of a company just down the street from us. Three days ago, I brought my desktop over there and left it there. They have been using it since, with so far the only sitation I have there is I can’t get their network printer hooked. If I can pull that off, they said they are replacing all there machines to Opensuse.

That is my Opensuse story so far.



amen to that, Heeter. openSUSE has come on so far since 10.1 (which is where I picked it up), to the point where it is what I recomend to anyone, regardless of how computer literate (or not) they are.

My boss doesn’t even know what an operating system is; so there’s a nonstarter… :frowning:

openSUSE 11.0 is working great for me also. Had some problem with suspend mode in my laptop because of video card. But after some trial and error and tips from the forum and HOWTO’s it is soled.:slight_smile:

With all of the animosity over 11.0 and KDE4 (however much there happens to be), I think that a lot of positive experiences either get overlooked, or aren’t reported because things are working so smoothly.

Nothing’s perfect, but my hat is off to the developers, the two installations I have done so far have come off without a hitch, and converted one Windows user in the meantime.