My Opensuse Logo

Welcome to the forums !!!

Thanks for sharing, GIMP ?

Thank you
Yes I made with GIMP
I made two more :slight_smile:
For the lovers of dark or black

Really nice work! :good: I would like to add both of those to my rotating wall papers collection, will they be available at KDE Look & Gnome Look anytime soon?

Thank you so much.
I worked hard and made 5 icon series for openSUSE yesterday :smiley:
Each series has 8 different colours
I will upload them

so how can i edit my first message?

Alright folks
I made more as I promised.
Here are my all icon series
It is avaviable at deviantart, kde-look, gnome-look, suse-art
Plz comment

-openSUSE Air Logo Series-
Flat and fashionable logos for openSUSE


-openSUSE Elegance Logo Series-
Dark and stylish logos for openSUSE


-openSUSE Light Logo Series-
Clear and fantastic logos for openSUSE


-openSUSE Neon Logo Series-
Shiny and black logos for openSUSE


Because the image limit is 4 in this forum
I did seperate this one :slight_smile:
If it is possible I want to delete my first post and change with these

-openSUSE Oxygen Logo Series-
Modern and live logos for openSUSE


These are excellent :slight_smile:

I especially like the Elegance and Oxygen sets.

Rob H

My favourite one is neon :slight_smile:
The screenshot doesnt fit icons
Cuz it has a background image and downgraded jpeg quality

My Mate!!! Fantastic Job…Thanks A Lot.

they look great!

thank you :slight_smile:
feel free to use it, they are all gpl

realmanager you inspired me.
created with blender 249.2

I love the gold neon colour one - in fact all the glowing ones on the previous page - liking this little 3D fella above too

I like the logos but think the font you used is a bit dated. I think I would prefer them with the current font that oS is using for 11.2 and 11.3