My Opensuse Desktop bombed out now I can't move the launch panel to the bottom of the screen

It still works I just prefer it on the bottom of the screen.
Need help very frustrating if i add new panel default panel keeps appearing at the top of the screen?:X

its opensuse 12.3

it had a lot of nice widgets in a box and that disappeared also

Are you absolutely sure there isn’t something already at the bottom? Just check carefully.

If all else fails, create a new user, login with it. Then use the superuser dolphin file manager to access your normal login hidden folders and rename .kde4 to .oldkde4

Now logout of the new account and try your normal account. You will have to set it all up they way you like it, but it should solve your problem.

KDE right?
How are you trying to move it?
You need to unlock widgets (if not already)
expand the panel by clicking on the cashew in the bottom right corner (or I guess top right in your case).
Then click on the screen edge button and drag it to where you want.

That is something. As a second afterthought you may also add which desktop (KDE, Gnome, XFCE, …).

recreated it figured it out before anyone answered. when unlocked there was a weird box with arrows it lets you drag it down with that.

Never did figure out how to put back the black box widget with all the shortcuts in it though. Even though its not that big a!

It’s the folder widget.
Search for it, add it and then point it to your *Desktop *Folder

Is this realy an answer to my question if your problem is with Gnome, or Xfce, or KDE, or what?