My openSUSE 11.2 KDE Desktop

This a video of my openSUSE 11.2 desktop in actionlol!

Neat =D
How did you do that thing where you have the 4 desktops in a cube?

Systemsettings - Desktop

First, you will need at least 4 virtual desktops.

Second, Compositing/Desktop Effects sould be enabled. If it isn’t you will need a driver for your videocard, or, worst case scenario, your card cannot do 3D acceleration.
Now for the item “Effect for desktop change” pull the dropdownmenu and select Animation with Cube. Done. AFAIK the default to turn the cube is Ctrl-F11
In the “All Effects” tab you’ll find a list of desktop effects. Next to the Cube item you’ll find a button to configure it.

Good luck and enjoy

Thanks! found it.
The cube works great, but the sphere and cylinder doesn’t. How can I activate them? Tried to turn on all the effects.

oh,my god.
you openSUSE 11.2 KDE Dsektop?
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