My Monitor died ... R.I.P.

My 26" Samsung Monitor died about an hour ago … < sigh > … Murphy sure knows how to pick a good time for these things to happen. I’m away for 2 weeks starting on Monday, and no time to return the monitor, as the computer store where I purchased this is now closed. I purchased the Monitor last April 2009, so hopefully it is still under warantee.

Its rather inconvenient. I have 3 PCs connected via a KVM to that monitor, and it means I can not access those 3 PCs at the moment. I’m typing this from our family laptop. My wife goes on shift tonight (an over night shift) and so while she is away I’ll borrow her monitor and connect it to the KVM, and drag off any current files that I need from those 3 PCs on to the laptop, as an interim.

When the monitor died, I had two PCs running (via the KVM) so a quick test via the KVM indicated it was not a video card on a PC. Then it was a matter to determiine if it was the KVM output or the monitor that died. I plugged the monitor directly into one PC (bypassing the KVM) and the same symptoms were present (dead monitor). Then to be 100% certain my wife and I plugged the monitor into her PC (moving it to a different room where her PC is located). Still a dead monitor.

The symptoms are unusual. VGA does not work at all. DVI works for about 2 seconds and then quickly fades out in about 1/2 second. If one powers the monitor OFF and back on, DVI video comes back for 2 seconds and then fades out.

When we get back from our travels, I need to return the monitor. I’m not sure if they will give me an immediate replacement, or make me wait. We have a small (19") flat screen TV, and I may check to see if it can be used as a monitor (for an interim), but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Murphy can be a real j*rk at times, although I think I hear him laughing off in the distance like some court jester. :slight_smile:

oldcpu wrote:
> I had two PCs running (via the KVM) so a quick
> test via the KVM indicated it was not a video card on a PC.

careful how you approach the warranty station, because some KVM
switches are poorly designed and allow voltages to blahblah and
frequencies to mumble and they therefore allow the thigh bone to
somethings connect to the neck bones and that kinda stuff…

so, if i were doing it, i’d forget to tell the service center about
that switch…

AND, i’d probably open up your switch and see if it is not much more
than a multi-pole rotary switch and wires to the in/outs and very very
little else (maybe a few resistor and chicken bones between a few of
the switches lugs…

if so, i’d seriously consider throwing that switch in a dumpster and
go out and buy a pretty darn expensive one…

or, use SSH or multi-screens…etc…of course, it is your money and
your monitor, so see if you can’t find some (real) advice on KVM
switches, and then move…

(i was told about 10 years ago (by guys i’m SURE know bunches) that
the switches costing under $50 were not worth buying…and could/would
short out a monitor–a fact i learned after i picked up a “bargain”
$19.95 KVM switch…)

and: travel safely!
by the way, who gave you time off from here?


Thanks for the advice. Actually, this is a pretty expensive KVM : Aten CS1784 4-Port USB 2.0 DVI KVMP Switch

there is a thead I had about it here wrt one of my PC’s not liking it too much: Hardware KVM switch problem … - openSUSE Forums

ok…still i think i’d not mention it to the warranty folks…they
might say it was the cause and show you the door…


Sorry to hear about the failure. I’m on a 12 year old 20" CRT freebie that clearly has some life left. Some of the old stuff is useful and just unwanted. Best of luck with you repair issue, too bad the store is closed.

I still use my HPmx50 monitor as it still kicks butt, it doesnt get very high resolution but it still works and the colors come in fine.
Monitors often outlast the computers you got them with, had this one for 10 years now.

That’s very good advice from Palladium, and I would extend that to anything you have to send back for warranty.

Always play dumb and never ever say or indicate that you were using it in any (perceived or real) “non-standard” way.

Always go in with the attitude that they will try any little excuse to not replace something, because usually they do.

When my LG 24" broke and I went for the warranty, the first thing I was asked was wether it was connected directly to the video card. When I answered I used a cable for that, they immediately started about KVM’s being destructive. So, whenever you use one, don’t say so.

I agree with growbag and parts of Palladium.if is my monitor I return it where you get it and tell them my monitor is not working,they will ask why is it not working,I always say I don`t know and u have still warrantie(y) on it.Go and get fix it time is running out soon(my Friend).
About warranty on my laptop I get ext.warranty,after 21/2years later my laptop was not working so I bring into the service they fixed it.


I can just fully confirm that.
Always say that you only used it as it was meant to, because they indeed will look for the tiniest excuse to not replace it.

On Sat, 30 Jan 2010 20:04:30 +0000, palladium wrote:

> ok…still i think i’d not mention it to the warranty folks…they
> might say it was the cause and show you the door…

I’d agree with that - never give warranty folks any more information than
they ask for.


Jim Henderson
openSUSE Forums Moderator

I endorse this statement. I’ve had to deal with OEMs before and the fewer the details the better. Generally, if something goes wrong with one of my computers I throw in a spare HDD and slap windows on it and ship it with that. Fools 'em everytime.

I have had excellent service from Samsung re. Monitor failing… It was 1 year and 2 weeks after purchase :frowning:
But I phoned Samsung (Wednesday PM) They asked for the serial # etc, and then:
“Will you be at home on Friday?”
(a strange question I thought but I answered “yes”)
“OK we will send one round”… and they did!
Samsung LCD monitors have 3 year warranty BTW, I am in UK, YMMV.

I think I now have my repaired (or replaced) 26" monitor up and running now.

I just came back this morning from my business trip and vacation. There was a message on our answering machine from the local PC shop stating the repaired monitor was available for pickup. After 4 hours power sleep (to help get over jet lag from the trans-Atlantic flight) and some support to this forum, I hiked down to the local PC shop, and picked up the monitor.

It was packaged in the old box, but it looks pretty shinny, so it may be a 1 for 1 replacement (as opposed to a repair) but I can’t tell.

I plugged it in to the KVM, double checked the wiring, booted to run level 3 and reconfigured for it (backed up the previous xorg.conf used with my wife’s 19", and ran nvidia-xconfig) and restarted and it appears to be ok.

I still need to check it out with the other 2 PCs on my KVM.

Boy, is it ever nice to get the 26" display back, after working with a laptop 15" display. :slight_smile: