my script is missing

Can anyone give me sample
or paste theirs so I can get
it to work. or where can I
Download it? Stuck can’t get opeldap


referenced from what looks like a useful page:


Still don’t get it do i run this /usr/share/openldap/migration/ /etc/passwd > passwd.ldif

Will that install the script. it is not there and this really sucks
I’m flamin stuck.>:(

No, the script is not part of the standard OpenLDAP distribution. You have to get the tarball from the PADL site and unpack and then modify the script to suit your situation, it probably won’t generate the correct LDIF without any mods.

Is there any way around this?

And which tarball is there one just for the script that would make life easier?
What mods how can i figure this out?
what is the PADL site?

Gonna look into this if I can’t figure it out though. I created the password files for both the root and regular users. Is there a way to manually do this without the script if it is not part of the standard install?
Manso many bits and pieces to this. Fedora forums seemed to have some of the most detailed step by step.
Why hasn’t anyone made a good Suse Openldap step by step?
The easier this gets the more attractive using it as a windows alternative it would be.:\

If you only have a few users, it might be easier to populate LDAP from scratch. LDAP is very flexible technology so there are lots of alternate paths and situation specific advice is hard to provide.

well this company has an ads domain with two dcs.
But only about 50 users.
Trying to add this server as a regular member fileserver.

You don’t need to set up your own LDAP server if you want to use the existing AD servers for authentication (don’t ask me how though). So what do you need for? It’s for populating an OpenLDAP server from an existing /etc/passwd. Your 50 users are not in /etc/passwd, are they?

No but where can I get info on how to get this Server on as a member Server? This is real confusing are these instructions that I’m reading to make the server a full fledged DC. Which is currently only experimental?