My logfiles are so f** old, timestamp 1943 whats going on?

Hi there,
I have here some problems. our webserver got some problems with big logfiles, so i checked Logrotate.
Logrotate didnt rotate anymore because there are files with a timestamp from 1943 so it got an error and exited. too solve this problem i had to remove the /var/lib/logrotate.status file.

Now i have the same problem on an other webserver. but i dont get it. i mean i can fix the problem, but where the hell is the source of this problem? is there a bug in Logrotate or a bug in suse itself?

do you know this problem?

hope to here you soon.


(and sorry for my bad english :slight_smile: )

openSuSE: 9.3
logrotate: 3.7

Very hard to say. Are only log files affected? Is there any sort of pattern in which log files are affected? Are they exactly the same period of files on both machines? No possibility that the clock was set wrong during that time? Are the entries in the log files timestamped correctly?

Have a look at the actual timestamps of the files by displaying the time_t value, not the human display value, are they negative? If not, it could be a bug in the conversion routines.

It it hasn’t happened again, maybe just write it off as one of those things.