My Leap 15.0 Beta/RC is not currently getting update notifications. Is that normal?


When I switched to GNOME, via the Leap 15.0 Beta a couple of months ago, my update notifications stopped appearing. I get them for everything else though.

I was merely wondering if Leap 15.0 Beta/RC is currently set up to be getting update notifications, when they become available. I have all the pk packages, etc., installed; and the OS settings (via GNOME Tweaks) are geared up for receiving updates.

Having to check for updates manually is fine; but if there is something I should have added or enabled, then I wanted to find out.

Thanks, as always Guru\Lizards!

My guess is that it’s probably a bug.

Am currently running a LEAP 15/LXQt, and it’s getting update notifications… Although not promptly. Unlike my other machines which normally display notifications fairly soon after booting, I’ve noticed that LEAP 15 update notifications don’t show up for… maybe 10 minutes or so, speculating that’s only due to debugging code in Beta code.


There is a bug report here:

Apparently GNOME’s update notifications were disabled by default, a fix is on the way.
You should be able to enable them yourself by setting the gsettings key “” accordingly.

I’m not using GNOME nor have any experience with gsettings, but I think this should do:

gsettings set download-updates true

Hi tsu2 & wolfi323, thanks for responding; I thought had read somewhere that GNOME sometimes disables update notifications, if there is some security issue out there.

	wolfi323, the only *gsettings* entry, like that, is listed on line #742 (terminal) - when I have it *list the keys and values, recursively* 
org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.xsettings disabled-gtk-modules 'pk-gtk-module']

I wonder how I enable the pk-gtk-module which gsettings is indicating is currently disabled. FWIW, dconf Editor has always had that enabled - so it is being over-ridden somehow.


AFAIK gnome-software is used for update notifications in GNOME now.
So check that it is installed, then the “” key should be available I think.

Other than that, I cannot help you, sorry. I don’t follow the GNOME development and am not using it either as I wrote (and therefore also don’t really know much about it).


“Apparently GNOME’s update notifications were disabled by default, a fix is on the way.”

I read on the bug report, you sent me, that - just today - a request was forwarded to get that =FALSE fix in place. With all of my installed pk equipment - including the pk-update-icon, I’m hoping that the new fix will eventually stream in and do its thing. You’re spot on, though, I chose not to muck up my vanilla GNOME with stuff I don’t use - and gnome-software was one of those quasi staples I purposely left out of the build.

You have been terrifically patient and helpful!

Take Care.


  • “My guess is that it’s probably a bug.”*

As you may have read, your guess was correct; thanks again for responding!