My KDE :D](

Took about 2 hours to get juust right :slight_smile:

Hey that is looking very good essial. Oddly, I have never thought about putting the Trash can on the Task Bar like you have it. I shall give that a try.

Thank You,

What is the icon in the tree? I can’t make it out.

That would be the launcher notification for the snapshot app :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s my setup:


Default Oxygen. "X"s instead of checkmarks for boxes. Tab transition animations (fade). “oxygen_molecule3” color scheme (I BELIEVE I found it in the “Get New Schemes” dialog straight from the prefs folder).

“Arezzo” Workspace theme. Activity is “Folder View” (showing ~/Desktop of course). Icon size is 4th tick from the left.

Task Bar:
Height is 48 (pixels I guess). Replaced the normal task buttons with “SmoothTasks” from the SuSE repos (I just did a search on the suse app search page and did the one click install). Created a link to the trash, possibly moved other stuff around…

I’m lazy so I just took a screenshot:](

Icon theme is “H20” downloaded from](

Nice theme! I was thinking of a Win7 looking theme with the “volatile” workspace theme, and the “Smooth Tasks” application, I just need to find a good clear window theme (one without the Win7 buttons, I get enough of that already with certain apps under Windows XP). By the way, which listing for smooth tasks did you use the one click install on?

Tried to install Smooth Tasks. It threatened to uninstall quite a bit of software, and update many others.