My KDE 4.3 kinda buggy

I think I messed up my upgrade from 4.1 fresh install to 4.3. I don’t know if I missed anything during the upgrade. I had to sift through alot of dependency problems like, De-installation of this, Don’t install that. That sort of thing.

I really loathe re-install because it takes sooooooooo long using my internet connection. Is there a faster way if need to re-install?

My main concern is with compiz. Really buggy; unusable. So I used KWIN, which of course is more stable as it is built in. But I keep noticing windows going dark sometimes (really annoying as I can’t see anything on the windows) and then the task bar bugs out. Everytime the window going dark problem happens (sometimes it remains transparent. I think it may have something to do with a “dim window for administrator prompt” which since I removed doesn’t seem to be coming back), the taskbar gets currupted and I can’t see the applications I have in it.

Any help appreciated. THANKS!!:slight_smile:

1.) Did you try following the steps in Caf’s how-to?
KDE4.3.* Upgrade - HowTo - openSUSE Forums

Or perhaps give one of the respin versions a go.

2.)Not sure of any faster ways to update, someone else might know

3.) Compiz buggy? Where did you install from? The one-click installer works perfectly fine for 4.3 if you follow my guide which is linked under the one-click.

4.)The only places I can think to check are Configure Desktop (Personal Settings) then Desktop and then Desktop Effects. Try checking the Translucency plugin and make sure that all are set to Opaque (except for moving windows if you like them to go transparent when you move them). Another one to check is Highlight, as it will cause a window to go opaque when you hover over a different task in the task manager. Also check Dim Inactive and Dim for Administrator Mode to make sure they’re off.

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Sounds like you need to trim down on all the effects. Go to the All Effects section and weed out those you don’t Need.

Thanks guys, I will try to sort out my effects.

for compiz though, if delete the .compiz folder and inistall compiz from the ymp installer, should that work?

I’m calling it buggy cuz of some the problems I’m facing. Mind you its snappier than 4.2 and fast. use much CPU as now i’m using mostly using OpenGL and the likes.

One thing I forget to mention. When I restore windows, they come up slow. stick for a second then come up.

Like I said, just follow my directions here:

Compiz Fusion on 4.3 X - openSUSE Forums

And use the one-click installer from here:

Compiz Fusion - openSUSE

You should be good to go then.

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Well I disabled alot of my eye candy from KWIN and its running smoother. I’m wondering if I actually am maxing out my GPU. Don’t have much of one to begin with. rotfl!

I’ll give compiz a try. Hopefully no video corruption or that ANNNNOYYYYYING problem of alt-tab computer freeze and the previous problem with emerald --replace;)

Worked like a charm. I found the flip switcher too slow until I fiugred out how to adjust the fade. rotfl!rotfl!

Thanks guys.

One last thing. It seems that I have to use emerald --replace at boot all the time. wondering if i have to use a startup script to do emerald --replace. Let me know thanks;)

at boot? You mean at KDE startup time? If so, write a tiny shell script and put it in /home/username/.kde4/Autostart


sleep 7
emerald --replace &

Ah, or just open up CompizConfig Settings Manager (CCSM) and find the plugin Window Decoration. Put a check next to it and then click into it. Next to “Command” erase what’s there and type emerald --replace

That’ll fix that problem up easy!

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Sweet man. The windows decoration command worked liked a charm man.:smiley: