My KDE 4.2.3 exploded into pieces

Good morning, yesterday everything was juuuust ok, a normal work day with my Dell studio 1535 with opensuse 11.1 and kde 4.2.3, but today I come to work, turn the laptop on and my KDE looks like a pablo picasso drawing and a chess field. No idea why… :frowning: Could any one help?


Try a console login at KDM and type

mv .kde4 .kde4_old

Have you updated the Qt packages?
Please post the output of

zypper lr

pastebin - collaborative debugging tool - this is the output, I will try renaming the .kde folder, but will this wanish all my desktop settings and widgets? :X

You seriously need to sort those repos out. You must decide if you want factory kde4 or the more stable 42’
oss, non-oss, updates, packman, kde42’ desktop,
thats about all you need

you may be able to boot to level3 and start ‘yast’
edit the repos and then do

zypper dup
from a terminal

Dude, I’ve backed up .kde and .kde4 so kde created new configuration, but still broken… Now I am using IceWM :smiley:

Yes, it’s broken because you have mixed repositories - KDE from factory and KDE:42 - you need to remove the factory ones and reinstall the older files.

Thanks, I will.:slight_smile:

There should be a thread or a HowTo explaining why 1-Click Install may create a mess. Ever so often i see people posting problems which are created by too many repos.

I’m so sorry… forget to mention - yes this will wipe your personal settings.
Others already mentioned - you have to many repos, it’s leading to conflicts like this one.