My istall didn't allow me to load a lot of files.

When I install I usually add all of the development section from the dvd and a number of other things. Not sure if I missed the option but wonder if there is some other way of adding them other than lots of ticks in YAST. The only problem I usually have is dev files to get headers which just takes a little time to correct. Sorting out the compilers etc and ide’s is more difficult.


You can use patterns as much as possible (which you probably already are doing at least for Development apps).
If you intend to code in a particular language, there is usually a pattern for developing in that particular language so you don’t have to add compilers and supporting development libraries for that language.
Otherwise, you’ll always need to specify devel files individually.
You shouldn’t ordinarily need to specify specific libraries, those should be defined in the package description and automatically installed.

If you’re developing in a particular language (not just running apps), I also highly recommend installing the special repository for that language to use more recent and a larger selection of apps and libraries. You can browse the following location for these special repos, and use the URL when you subscribe to the repo


Thanks for the link. I wasn’t aware of that one.

Normally when I install I download the full dvd and check a lot of the options in the development selection. I’m not sure if that is still provided. My main reason is that I have found that it can help when installing none supported packages that have to be compiled or newer versions of ones that aren’t supported yet or haven’t been added to the development downloads. A current problem for instance is Opera. I can’t get a version that will allow me to select my old bookmarks file only one that will take these from an earlier version that is still on the machine. I expected to just have to drag drop them etc into the right place. I suspect I will have to compile to get round this problem.

I retired from a job that involved writing a lot of none pc software some time ago. Of late I feel like writing some more and will probably use Java. In terms of the things provided by the distro I do play around with them from time to time but that’s all. I usually find the doc’s either out of date or can’t be found etc or even too long winded. Java is not too bad in that respect.

I’m not sure what patterns are. I’d like to know. Maybe they can help select all C++ lib files and their dev files as well or that sort of thing. The other languages that tend to crop up are python and C. Perhaps some one can explain what these patterns are and how they are used or provide a link.