my is computer crashing - nvidia 7600gt

Hi guys,

I’m running opensuse 11 and I’m trying to output a sequence of png images in a post-processing program that uses opengl+fltk. Whenever I try to do it, my computer crashes. Is it a graphic cards issue?

I have this driver installed

>>> rpm -q -a | grep nvidia


And what is the best way to measure the gpu temperature? Using nvidia-settings or nvclock? Because I have different temperatures using these programs…which one is more reliable?

nvidia-settings 59C
nvclock 68C


Bernardo M. Rocha

Suse recommended to install Nvidia driver using yast ,anyhow if graphic card is supported .


which program do you use?

To install the nvidia driver ad to software repositories
Http /download
it was all ready there for suse 10.3 so I just change the version and yast install it

I’ve installed the nvidia driver available in Yast.

I’m using a program called meshalyzer. It’s a program for data visualization and it’s written in c++ and it uses openGL and fltk. I’m sure the problem is not the program because I have the same version running on another machine.