My Intro, your guide worked! :)

Hello everyone,

I’m new to linux, and I’m not sure about all the different styles, but I liked the look of openSUSE and read it was easy to run, so I went for this one.
Yesterday I installed it on my netbook (Samsung NC20).
Today I spent too long, maybe two hours - trying to set up the wireless.

But I just read the post in your begineers FAQ advanced bit - ‘Getting Your Wireless to Work’
and now I have the internet :slight_smile:

After all the earlier frustration - I now feel like a genius!! haha - I’m very glad the guide worked and will be sure to check other guides / ask questions if I get stuck again.

I mainly use my netbook for casual browsing, and light office tasks - I have a main computer for more day to day things (currently on windows, but I have lots of specific software, will switch when I get a new computer).

I’m Ed, other than messing about on computers, I do magic - yes it’s a very cool job to have. I get paid to make people laugh and smile and have a great time.

Hope to speak to you all again.

Cool - Enjoy and Welcome!

Hi eds19,

Welcome to openSUSE and glad that everything work for you. You had the chance to learn something, your first learning experience in linux. Bravo! :slight_smile:

Keep it up, DaaX! Only 43 more posts like that one and you’ll be a wise penguin! lol!

I’ll never be as wise as you pta. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I tried, Pardus, ubuntu, and had a arch linux for half a day, in the end openSuse is my favorite right now :slight_smile: I could recommend checking out Pardus too,thogh. The reason why I opted from it merely because 1) I don’t like to use kde (using a dinosour laptop, so I choose the most lightwieght one [xfce in openSuse].) 2) It is too much end-user oriented.

But works great, if you interested you could read some reviews of it. And if you don’t knnow already, Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD. can be your refence resource to all different linux distributions.


you’ll find that most, if not all of your problems with openSUSE can be solved by checking (first) the stickies at the beginning of each forum, then the how-to’s forum, and finally the forum seach. I’ve hardly the need to post a new problem, usually faster and wiser (than me!) users have already got to it.

But if you need specific help, you’ll find that the people here are very friendly.

Welcome to openSUSE and the openSUSE forums. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

eds19, welcome to openSUSE and welcome to openSUSE forums.

If you are curious as to the structure of openSUSE, you could take a look at the openSUSE concepts guide: Concepts - openSUSE - new version - still being re-written

… that guide is in the middle of being written, and I confess I still have a preference for the older version: Concepts - openSUSE - original version

And don’t forget our new user’s stickies in the “new user faq” area of our forum has lots of information and links:

Best wishes in your experience with openSUSE Linux.

Hi eds19, welcome in this warm bath of knowledge :slight_smile:

Hi Ed, I am like yourself a bit of a Noob where Linux is concerned. I do hope I am not butting in on your message. I have tried Ubuntu, Fedora, and a few other Distros, but I found OpenSuse one of the fastest. Apart from the Games issue, it knocks Windows for 7. I also like to say Hi to all the Guys on here. I guess I shall be back sometime for a little bit of help.

All the best.


Welcome Lucky
Enjoy openSUSE