My Intel 946GZ setup

I was having some fun with 11.2 64 bit and the Intel 946GZ motherboard which has an integrated video card. My monitor is a BenQ E2200. Below is what I did to resolve my resolution issue. It may be somewhat amatuerish, but it gives me my desired results. I hope this helps others that may have come across similar.

After the initial install the video would only display at 1024x768. In the “Configure Desktop” for the Display there was no higher resolution available. A quick search on the forums didn’t give me anything to go with and also my patience was not at the best level either.

Some research indicated that some success with Sax2 could be achieved, so I tried that. Once Sax loaded I saw that I had a VESA monitor. There was a “Utility Disk” button there, so I inserted the CD that came with my monitor and clicked the Utility Disk button. Up came a list of monitor options (digital, analog) for different BenqQ monitors of the 2400 series. Strange as the CD came with my 2200. I selected the model that came close to mine.

After saving and initiating a restart, the resolution came up to 1280x1024. Closer to the goal, but still no banana. The screen had that stretched look about it as the BenQ’s natural display is 1920x1080.

I then tackled the xorg.conf file in /etc/X11. Opening a terminal as root I copied xorg.conf to a backup and then opened it with vim.

In the “Monitor” section at the “Option” line I changed the “PreferredMode” to read “1920x1080” instead of what it was set at as “1280x1024”.

Further down in the “Screen” section it has “DefaultDepth” with a 24 after it so I scrolled down to the SubSection “Display” that had Depth with a 24 and in the line that has all the Modes I added “1920x1080” before the “1280x1024”.

I then saved the file and restarted the computer. After the bootup, the login screen was definitely at the desired resolution. After login, the screen displays 1920x1080. Firefox looks better and I am a satisfied user.

Like I said, it may be crude but it gets me what I want. Now to get into openSuse 11.2 64 bit a little further to see what it can do.


Nice result. Even with the move towards Xorg auto-configuration, some hardware is still best configured manually (with sax2 at runlevel 3) to generate a suitable xorg.conf for the hardware concerned. I’m sure this post will be a useful reference for other intel users.

Nothing crude about that. Par for the course, especially with Intel graphics.