My guinea pig just died.

Today is a sad day indeed, my guinea pig Charline passed just a few minutes ago.
I got her back around 2006, not sure on the date.
She was a precious little thing, a short tempered, antagonistic little thing but I loved her.
There is not much I am willing to write right now, but being the first animal death in the house it makes it tough.
She was a good animal, always keeping us on our toes and smart as a whip.
She both scared the living crap out of and later befriended one of our cats, Carson.
She was brave, she was not a biter, and she is irreplaceable.

She will be missed

Sad indeed. RIP Charline

I remember the sad day my daughter’s first guinea pig died, unexpectedly, so I can imagine how you are feeling today.

Aww. I’m a recent convert to guinea pigs, I can appreciate your loss. :frowning:

Slightly offtopic postscript:
Is a guinea pig the mascot for anything Linux related?

My heart goes out to you and your family. Rest assured, Charline is now happily munching on clover and grass in the world beyond.

My wife and I have been adopting guinea pigs for years and we’ve had numerous guinea pig funerals - it’s never easy when one leaves us and we fondly remember all of them…


Death is always hard to deal with. I’m sorry for your loss. I have a lot of pets myself and have dealt with a few deaths over the years. It doesn’t get any easier. But, like a previous poster said, I am sure she’s happy in that big guinea pig hang out place in the sky.

Sorry for your loss, my guinea pig Bandit is one of my few joys.