My GRUB has gone!

Hi everyone.

I’m relatively new to Linux, I’m using OpenSUSE for about 1 year, so for now I can say, that I’m the average desktop user on Linux operating system. So I’ll need your help for solving my problem. I’ve installed OpenSUSE 11.4 x86 on my old (but extremely hard working ;)) IBM ThinkPad X40 laptop. I want to say, that I also has the Windows XP installed on that machine, so I run dual boot computer. Before I had the OpenSUSE 11.2 on that and run without any trouble. So, I use it, about 2 weeks, I’ve done all the latest updates for that time and one day, when I turn on the computer, it run directly to XP (but in the GRUB menu, I had set OpenSUSE as the default operating system). When I’ve restarted my computer, I realized that my boot loader (GRUB) was disappeared!!!

Unfortunately now I’m on my business vocation in the hotel, so I don’t have neither my installation DVD, nor good Internet connection for downloading that (I know that during the booting from DVD, there’s an option for repairing the installed operating system). So, the last thing I’ve managed, I’ve downloaded OpenSUSE LiveCD 11.4 x86 (I was downloading it for 2 days!!!), so then I’ve created LiveUSB (as I don’t have my docking station with me, hence I don’t have ODD), I’ve booted with it and saw that all the data is still on my hard drive, so as I expected, problem is with my GRUB boot loader. But unfortunately my knowledge of Linux ends here. I’ve looked around the Yast, but I didn’t find the way to repair the GRUB, neither in the partitioning tool, nor in the boot loader options. :frowning: So, maybe you can help me and teach me how can I fix the problem, or what should I do in this case?

I want to tell you, I work at the computer company as a technical department manager and IT engineer, so I can say, that in Windows world I’ve the advanced user, so you can write down solution in technical terms and I’ll try to handle this issue with your help of course.

Thanks every one in advance and sorry for such a long post. :shame:

Check this thread out:

Linux Doesn’t Boot

Yes, actually I’ve already found the solution from this thread —> HowTo Boot into openSUSE when it won’t Boot from the Grub Code on the Hard Drive After reading your link, I see that you had the same solution and i think your step-by-step guide is more complete, so thanks a lot for supporting me with this information, that’s why I like to post on OpenSUSE forum, I always get the fast responses.

Now I’m already posting from my SUSE OS and I’m glad that everything was done without any stress and any data loss. thanks one more time.

You’re welcome, I’m glad you got it working.