my first 15 hour on linux

Here i did think that Linux was little difficult to start. I have tried this before with same result…
And the more i read on forum etc the more i believe that Linux is more and more for ppl with

  1. a job in IT,
  2. not having a family
    (Sorry noting wrong about you.) But I have short time to understand Linux, so i can use my computer again. I love SuSo. But with all the time its going to find one line to start Linux in command did take to long time.
    I like a challenge… but the time at computer is to short for me.
    Hope Linux one day will be easy to install like a different OS.
    Not all of computer ppl want to use hour to find out some small thing that is not needed.
    And I have a family that will return to me in less then one day and I dot have to much time to look up all problem I have now.
    And I know I have a lot to install before I can be happy.
    Just to open a simple extern HD (hard disk)will take to long time. HD= x hour, and
    HD have 170 gig with different file I like to have access to. So less then 24 hour in “freedom” (not a kid that LOVE to turn off my computer)
    Hope you all have a great time with your OS and I hope one day that SoSu will be like Plug and Play.
    PS my problem is that I can acsses HD and CD in failsafe but not normal. And that is to strange for me.
    Yes I can say what my error is but it will not help me in the road to learn Linux

But a simple world like “startx” is something I have too look up in the forum for is wrong to say that sosu is user friendly.
And I did take sosu because I have used for a long time.
I will not give up. But its expensive for me. Time consuming.

PS I’m not all new in computer… just that I don’t like to “program”
More the click and send a 1$ to Seattle. Did hope to stop sending them money.

My lasted error
Could not mount MP3

Go to Yast > System > Partitioner and click on the disk partition that you want to look at & give it a mount point like “/data1” (do not format it by all means). save out of that & reboot. Or, you can edit “fstab” using the command line (search the forum for “fstab”.

“/data1” will be found if you click on “My Computer”. You can cut & paste files to /home/yourname & elsewhere in Konqueror.

thanks snakedrive, I did take it all over again. Its in. and updating now.
this is why i want to use Linux. you can ask and ppl will help you.