My Firefox Quantum, Nightly and Dev Edition repositories for OpenSUSE!


Only official builds from Mozilla. The updates every Sunday.

Not to put a dent in your effort, but distribution of binary blobs like that is frowned upon (even disallowed), plus they are not official since the come from a home repository… :wink:

How does one know that the binary files actually come from Mozilla and have not been tampered with?

Why are you using a google download site for these binaries?

Likewise, you might want to review all the build log warnings if your going to build stuff and impact/break a users system…

There is no changelog/changes file, how can an end user review what has changed?

Agreed on all these questions. USERS BEWARE. this is a home:/ project. Do not use/trust unless the approprate changes to the repo / spec files has been made.

> but distribution of binary blobs like that is frowned upon (even disallowed)

Show me the official rules about it.

_service and spec for every package will show URL of every file which used to builds. You don’t need to trust me blindly - just check which sources is used.

Why I must use the Google or another redirects:

About the changelogs - good idea, but Mozilla doesn’t provide them.

P.S. Tried to change the name of thread, but not allowed.

UPDATE: Google redirects was disabled.](