My experiences with upgrading from 13.2 to Leap

I’ve now upgraded 3 of 4 systems (not counting virtual machines that I’ll
be upgrading later), and had some issues with one of the upgrades; the
other two generally went pretty smooth.

The system that I had trouble with is a little different - it has an ATI
card (using fglrx instead of radeon), and boots from an SSD, with data
stored on a traditional hard drive. The system also has Windows 8.1
installed on it, though I rarely use it these days.

After upgrading, this problem system (a Dell XPS - my main workhorse)
refused to boot. I’d get to a point where it hung during boot and would
indicate that adding “ rd.debug” to the kernel parameters would
give me more information.

Unfortunately, it was a hard lock, so even after adding those (using
rescue mode), the system wouldn’t let me do any diagnostics.

I also noticed that the grub2 menu wasn’t displaying - I was just booting
straight into a kernel that was failing to load.

How I fixed it:

  1. Boot into recovery mode from the installation media
  2. Executed the following commands:

mount /dev/sdb9 /mnt
cd mnt
mount --bind /proc proc
mount --bind /sys sys
mount --bind /dev dev
mkdir mounts
mount --bind /mounts mounts
chroot .
mount /boot/efi

I also noticed that the installed packages included the 13.2 kernels as
well as two 42.1 kernels (4.1.11 and 4.1.12).

At this point, I was able to use YaST to enable the grub2 menu, and when
I booted, I ended up with that menu.

Booting the 4.1.12 kernel still failed, but the 4.1.11 kernel worked fine.

After booting the system into 4.1.11, I removed all traces of the 4.1.12
kernel, along with the fglrx64 packages for 13.2, and I rebooted.

The system booted fine into 42.1 with the 4.1.11 kernel. Upgrading the
kernel and rebooting resulted in the system still booting OK - and
allowed me to post this message from the system.

I’m curious - has anyone run into a similar issue upgrading from 13.2 to


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After a little further investigation - I ran into a minor problem getting
the fglrx64 driver installed, and it seems that snapper might have been
the cause of at least part of the problem; the installation of the AMD
drivers reported I was out of disk space, even though half the drive was

Before starting an installation, if / is btrfs, you might want to clean
up old snapshots first.


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