My Experience with installing 11.4

I have been using openSUSE for quite a long time and even SUSE Linux before that as well… I recently did a fresh install of 11.4 from an existing 11.3… The installation process was pretty fast and seamless…

Few things I noticed were:

  1. Installation took comparatively lesser time than the previous version installations I’ve done for roughly the same amount of software I had chosen to install.
  2. Good that “Welcome to OpenSUSE” screen on first run has been removed (at least with gnome (not sure if it comes up if I choose KDE)) - I hardly used that.
  3. Support for my laptop’s hardware was pretty good in par with the previous releases or may be even better too.
  4. It installed the opensource nvidia drivers and it gave me the option to enable desktop effects - but enabling them didn’t change anything - I doubt it turned on compositing. Anyways I usually install the proprietary nvidia drivers - and compositing worked fine with that.
  5. I notice the Gnome-do looks pretty awkward with the compositing enabled when the Appearance is set to “Classic”. What I mean by awkward is I notice is a big white patch over the applet when shown and it only happens with compositing turned on.

Everything else required works good so far - I should say kudos to the openSUSE team for delivering yet another wonderful release :slight_smile: