My experience upgrading Tumbleweed 13.1 to 13.2 :-)

Hello People,

Some statistics:
System Dell Precision M6800 laptop
openSUSE 13.1 Tumbleweed. updated to the latest day.

First, it was not easy. My environment is usually cluttered with all kinds of repos(packman/python/databases/etc), so I started with removing all the repos that I did not directly need for the upgrade. All the stuff should have been upgraded already after all 13.2 was the new stable…
So zypper dup !!

2215 packages to upgrade, 90 to downgrade, 304 new, 29 to remove, 442 to change vendor, 5 to change arch.
Overall download size: 2.03 GiB. After the operation, additional 897.4 MiB will be used.

I verified all the packages if it should not break anything and then I upgraded. And reboot.

Well that was it after reboot it did hang on grub. :frowning:

So that was a bit of stress, I got my trusty rescue usbstick and tried to reinstall grub2. And it refused because my laptop supported uefi and even though it was doing legacy it insisted on eufi., also suddenly it did not wok anymore with device id’s it seemed…

Well I forced it grub-install --target=i386-pc /dev/sdc (my boot device)

And it booted. :slight_smile: Cool. But Plymouth did not play nice, and it was very slow.

That turned out to be because I had no swap because I could not do any device my id and he could activate swap.

After checking my system again I decided to to add the 13.2 repo’s directly and remove all tumble-weed.

Also I noted that I was using a much newer kernel then 13.2 provided. So I removed the 3.17 and 1.16.49 kernels from tumbleweed and installed the 13.2 kernel properly and after a reboot everything started to work… Except for kde, I could log in but not log out

After some looking around I noticed that some files that belonged to kdebase4-workspace-addons-4.11.12-2.2.x86_64 were missing so I forced a reinstall KDE runtime and workspace…

Now everything works :wink:

Now one question. Anyone a idea how a rpm could have not installed those files ?

Next… I have to go back to tumbleweed. But I wait for now.

Those files probably were part of kdebase4-workspace on 13.1. kdebase4-workspace-addons got split out a few months ago, to make it possible to install Plasma5 and keep KDE4’s systemsettings as well. (the Plasma5 packages conflict with kdebase4-workspace)
Maybe in your case kdebase4-workspace got removed after kdebase4-workspace-addons were installed, so the files got removed as well.

Next… I have to go back to tumbleweed. But I wait for now.

One question:
Why did you upgrade to 13.2 if you want to use Tumbleweed?

In case you don’t know already, Tumbleweed is now a complete distribution, not just an addon repo for the latest stable openSUSE release any more.

See here: