My evolution contacts have disappeared - where are they?

I’ve recently had to change the exchange password on my evolution email - my work uses only MS Exchange without IMAP, so evolution/exchange or OWA are my only choices. I had to rename $HOME/.evolution/ and $HOME/.gnome2_private/Evolution, force a shutdown of evolution, restart evolution etc etc. This took several iterations, and quite a lot of swearing, before evolution would talk to the exchange server with my new password. (You’d think there’d be an easier way!) I’ve now got my $HOME/.evolution/ directory back to its old name, but two things have completely disappeared: my contacts (several hundred), and the mail saved to a local subfolder under “On This Computer”.

I’d like both of these - how can I get, at least, my contacts back?

And secondly, is there an easier way of changing my exchange password from within evolution? My work requires me to do this about every four months, and every time it’s been a royal pain.