My emojis are gone

Last week, I had the emojis, now there are gone in all my apps except for the browsers (chromium & firefox). They are gone in the rest of what I use like gvim and claws mail

zypper se -i emoji
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

S  | Name                  | Summary                  | Type    
i+ | emojione-color-font   | Colored Emoji Font       | package
i+ | noto-coloremoji-fonts | Noto Color Emoji Font    | package
i+ | noto-emoji-fonts      | Noto Emoji Font          | package
i+ | unicode-emoji         | Unicode Emoji Data Files | package

I think that some update did something/side effect.

How do I get them back?


What happens when, you forcibly reinstall the Emoji packages?

  • zypper install --force emojione-color-font noto-coloremoji-fonts noto-emoji-fonts unicode-emoji

If your GUI is KDE Plasma then, you may have to dive into the System Settings “Icons” → “Emoticons” to reset the preferred Emoticon scheme.

  1. I did reinstall them but it was through yast
  2. How do I reset? (Plasma). I only see: install from file|get new theme|new theme, all the other buttons (including the reset button) are disabled.


Easy enough. Just click on “get new theme” and choose one (or more) that you fancy.