My desktop](

This totally looks like KDE2. :slight_smile:

I think there is no such theme in KDE2. By the way, I already tried KDE2.](

Although I dont know how to include KDE2 in gdm greater. I think KDE2 has no advantages over KDE3: one can configure KDE3 to look like KDE2 and it has greather functionality.

I just wrote “KDE2” because your desktop has some kind of vintage touch. Compared to the usual Compiz / KDE4 blingbling, transparency etc. it looks a little retro. I like it, though, very easy on the eyes and elegant.

Compared to the usual Compiz / KDE4 blingbling

You cannot know if compiz is on in this screenshot: it looks just the same as kwin and uses kwin window decorations.

If I would like to make it look like KDE2 I could do it easily: there is a ‘classic KDE’ KDE2-like style in KDE3.

IMHO “retro” covers it pretty good. Don’t defend yourself, like what you like and use it. A matter of taste.

Here is my desktop](

Ansus, that looks very MS XPish. If I saw that out of context (and didn’t pay too much attention to the small details) I would assume I was looking at a XP desktop.

Well in fact some people already noticed that the icons are very similar to the icon theme from Windows Vista, don’t you think so?