My custom rig, any commentary?

I have finally gave in and have decided to build my own computer

I think I got myself a nice powerhouse here:

Motherboard and CPU:
MSI 785GTM-E45 Motherboard & AMD Phenom X4 9850 Quad Core Processor Bundle at

Cooler Master Centurion Micro ATX Mid-Tower Case with Front USB and Audio Ports at

2GB of memory

1TB drive

A LG CD/DVD burner

550W PSU

All for about $407.81
Thats including the price of the thermal paste

I think I am going to create a monster, more then ready for windows 7, as i intend to get it soon after I get the monitor

What openSUSE are you going to use with the new hardware? What desktop? What configuration?

Well if I can get it working openSUSE 11.3 KDE4 will be the version I will work with, if not I will proably stick with Ubuntu 10.04

I might change the processor from a Phenom quad core to a Athalon II quad core though as the athalon does offer more GHZ, but I am not building a gaming machine, just a heavy multimedia machine…
Though for a few more bucks I can buy this case for it:
Think I got a good combo going on here?

I want to make this a battleship for windows 7 mainly, linux I know will cruse though it just fine

TaraIkeda wrote:
> I think I am going to create a monster, more then ready for windows 7,
> as i intend to get it soon after I get the monitor

hmmmmmm…Win7 huh?

oh, it is not for rendering the next hollywood blockbuster, instead it
is to be a a monster GAME machine…

CAVEAT: [posted via NNTP w/openSUSE 10.3]

Hmm, are you unable to run W7 on your current H/W?

Yes I can for the most part, but its flaky.
My issue is multimedia as I am going to make this machine a multimedia production and viewing machine, watch netflix, make videos, I am going to pop in a blu ray player at some point too so i want some top quality HW here, not quite state of the art but enough power to use in my multimedia presentations.
Also like i said its time to turn in the ol gal, with this combo pack being at a price i am willing to pay for (as most desktops out there are far more expensive for the same specs)
I got extra money why not spend it, the price I am paying is reasonable and I want to experiment building my own computer.

well the gaming capacity is a bonus

Finding it a little difficult to imagine a “battleship” displaying a powered by “Windows7” sticker. :smiley:

First of all: do not buy motherboard with AM2+ socket and DDR2 memory support, get socket AM3 + DDR3 one :slight_smile: for example same as my own: MSI Global – Computer, Laptop, Notebook, Desktop, Mainboard, Graphics and more (MSI GF615M-P33). It’s better investment. You didn’t mentioned what power supply you’d like to choose - do not buy cheap chinese ****. If you have enough money get OCZ or Corsair psu.

I prefer the Cooler Master case to the Thermaltake. Good price for everything as well.

#1 If you’re only running Win 7 and/or Ubuntu 10.4 why are you asking in an openSUSE forum?

#2 What’s the integrated video card and is that enough for heavy graphics?

#3 X4 9850 Phenom sounds like it was designed for multi-media, why switch?

I would spend the extra $5-15 on a DL DVD-RW instead of the LG DVD-RW.

I have a AMD X2 6000+ with nVidia 8600GT and 2Mb DD2 that runs Win7 and openSUSE 11.1.
It plays Netflix and HD media 1680x1050 (limited by monitor not video card) no problems, other than I have to use Win 7 for Netflix.
Even my Leveno P4 3.0Ghz A-I-W 2006 with 2Gb Ram running Win 7 plays Netflix.

Also, buy more ram. 4G is nice.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever read my somewhat custom built thread before but I remember you saying you live in PA (so do I) and I was able to get a pretty cheaply built monster from - Computer Systems Reseller

Here’s the thread with the specs of my computer: How has openSUSE 11.2 worked out for you so far?

They have pre-built systems that you can customize and also barebones systems that you can build from scratch.

Note: I am in no way tied to computerlx and am not receiving anything for suggesting them. I just liked how cheap everything was for a powerful machine. Everything worked out of the box with 11.2 and 11.3 and Nvidia driver installation was a snap. Windows 7 also worked out of the box.

Take Care,


The only thing I would do different is check and before I buy anything.

true! i’m going to upgrade my own machine to 4Gb soon too.

For about $70 he can get some good machines plus 2Gb more memory, gigabit ethernet, X4 Intel graphics 1Gb with the Intel Quad Q8200, Q8300 and I3-570 cpus any one of which probably do video better than the AMD Phenom X4 9850. I almost forgot plus 3yr warranty and you can’t beat that.

well I am still making adjustments to the build, the suggestions you folks gave me are valuable.
Though I will stick with 2GB of RAM for now, I can always upgrade later.

Go to hell with intel based configs. AMD Phenom & nVidia graphics config is much better, and it’s even more sophisticated when you’re starting with Sempron/Athlon X2/Phenom X2. You can upgrade without need to change your motherboard. Idiots from intel change sockets too often.

Yeh I am aware of that, so thats why I am going to do AMD,

I have traded in the Phenom for an Athelon II X4 by the way, and am going to use one of the MSI MB’s one of the others suggested.

As for why I am going with this set up is that I have a $450/60 limit and I want a decent processor, mothetrboard, and a cool looking case.
4 GB of DDR3 is far too much money for me to spend, it can be upped later as I wont be getting win7 right away.

There is a nice website for you, if you are looking for building a low noise pc. | Everything about Silent / Quiet Computers
Emphasis is on everything small and quite. Even if you don’t want to build small, a quite pc is always an asset since it plays nice with your ears.