My Computer Screen keeps Hybernating and Logging Off

Is there something I am missing, my computer screen (actually my plasma connected to it) keeps going into hibernating mode and going to logout screen

I logically went to
∘ System/More Programs/Power Management
and put all the settings all set to Never but still after 5-10 minutes at idle poof! back to login

Is it perhaps something to do with Compiz (I am using Gnome by the way)

thanks, this forum rocks

and as a post script,

more accurately the screen is going into locked mode not hibernation mode,


solved it myself with the help of an intelligent hound, haha

simply it was a screensaver setting problem
and I changed it in >> System > Look and Feel > Screensaver

Great, now you can help me.
Where exactly is "system->lookAndFeel->screensaver

I tried Yast->System but no “lookAndFeel” there and I tried
ConfigureDesktop-> but no "system. There is a “lookAndFeel” but no “screenSaver”
Thanks for your help.
Tuck Hartshorn

I finally figured out that “Configure Desktop” and “System Settings” are the same thing. Then found under the “advanced” tab all the screen locking stuff and there is a lot.