My Computer icon

This may sound stupid but I deleted the my computer icon off of the desktop and cannot for the life of me figure out how to recreate it.

‘Right click’ on the desktop and select ‘Create New’ > ‘Link to Location’.

Enter File Name : My Computer
Enter Link to location (URL) : media:/
Press ‘Enter’

To get the panel you had when SUSE was first installed you need to enter sysinfo:/ in the location field

Sorry I forgot to tell you I have alreay tried that after searching. I am running kde4 which does not have the menu option.

OK so I created it in /home and I am so close… How do I change the location??? it dosent give me the option to change it anywhere?

Umm, well. I seem to have the same problem.

I accidently deleted the My Computer button from the lower left panel while trying to find an answer to this solution, and I can’t find where to get it back. Uh…anyone know because I’m stick using the Alt+F2 method until I get the button back. :confused:

KDE4, are you running OpenSUSE 11 RC1?

Yup RC1 KDE4

cp /usr/share/kde4/config/SuSE/default/myComputer.desktop ~/Desktop

Thats it! Thanks for all the help everyone.

Moved thread to Pre-Release/Beta.

What if you’re running Gnome? I put my frequently used apps on the Desktop and added the traditional Gnome menu at the bottom, Applications, Places, System. But I would like to have my Computer icon back.