My Bottom Menu Bar

Okay… please help. I just installed OpenSuse 11.0. I was trying to configure the bottom menu bar to take off some icons. I thought one section was its own panel and asked it to remove it. It removed the entire bottom bar. Now I don’t know how to get to the menu or anything. Please help me get this back!

Mark Smith

you can either rebuild the panel by right clicking on the desktop and selecting “Add Panel” then adding all the widgets back (system tray ect.)


you can delete the /home/<youruser name>/.kde4 folder to restore kde back to default…

or if you dont want to lose ALL you kde settings you can try just deleting the file

/home/<youruser name>/.kde4/share/config/plasma-appletsrc

im not sure that last one will work…but i guess its worth a try.


What’s the one to add the kde menu back?

applications lancher


Menu back up and running and better than ever. Thanks for the information!

So I managed to do the same thing, deleted the only panel on the desktop.:stuck_out_tongue: Tried just making another panel but nothing happens when I select that option from the right click menu, no panel is ever made. As for the other 2 solutions…keep in mind that I am COMPLETLY ignorant of any *nix system, but I don’t even see a /.kde4 folder or file at all under /home/cbr<my username>/ .

lil help?lol!

HA!, went tinkering some more, found the missing panel by right-clicking around on the screen, black background… black panel with no icons… duh-huh. Boy is my face red.