My Bootloader Has Disappeared (Windows 8.1 / Opensuse 13.1 Dual Boot)

I have a Lenovo ideapad S210t with Windows 8.1 and Opensuse 13.1

By default grub would boot into suse.

The last time I used suse it worked fine and I think I installed some updates,
shut it down without any problems.

The next morning when I turned my laptop on the grub menu had completely disappeared
and it now just boots straight into Windows.

I cannot understand why this has happened.

Has anyone else come across this recently?

I suppose I will now have to reinstall grub, any advice on this appreciated.

Well is this a EFI install?? I assume it is with WIn8.1 but that is still a guess on my part. If an EFI BIOS press the key to get the BIOS boot screen at boot time May be F12 or F10. It is different on different hardware. See if openSUSE is in the list and set default boot to it. Note that some BIOS may not like booting to anything but Windows. Also some updates to Windows may reset the default boot. Also if you mixed boot mode with one OS using MBR booting and the other using EFI booting can lead to unpredictable results

Yes sorry I should have checked the BIOS.

It is a pure EFI install.

the opensuse secure boot option had been deprecated to second behind standard opensuse boot.

I moved the secure boot option up to first in the boot order priority.

When I rebooted a screen asked if I wanted to trust the built in opensuse EFI certificate (or something like that).

I said yes, and it now boots into suse fine, thanks.

I think there was a suse update to EFI recently which I installed, so perhaps that caused the issue and required
this certificate to be accepted again, at least that’s an educated guess as I’m no expert on EFI.

I don’t think any one is an expert on EFI judging by some of the poor implementation being put in new machines:P

Glad you got it hard to say why the order was changed could be Windows or the BIOS itself. But I’d expect the BIOS to ask the question rather then arbitrary change the order of the boot.