My boot menu disapeared

Hi, I installed OpenSUSE along side Windows. After the installation, I used it to boot into Windows but now, for some reason, it’s gone and boot straight into Linux.

And which version of openSUSE is that?

And what do you see exactly? No boot menu at all, a boot menu with openSUSE only?

We are not clairvoyant, but depend on each piece of information you provide.

I’ll try to be clairvoyant… :wink:

Remove the file /boot/grub2/grubenv.

There is no boot menu at all, it’s gone, disappeared.

I’m using OpenSUSE 13.2 along side Windows 8.

Yes, you already wrote that. But openSUSE is booting fine, right?

So again: try to remove the file /boot/grub2/grubenv.

Sorry for the late reply, yes that worked perfectly! Thanks :slight_smile: