My banned dbus-daemon thread continues here...

The first part of this thread applies to openSUSE. It does NOT apply to kubuntu, which is now undergoing a few changes so that it works right.

keep dbus from creating new dbus-daemons every time you ‘su’.

Again, the first part of that thread is tested and works well on openSUSE 11.x. Not sure about 12.x, but I’ll apparently never know.


On 12/20/2011 05:46 AM, rainbowsally wrote:
> ‘keep dbus from creating new dbus-daemons every time you ‘su’.’
> (

i am very happy to see you have found a new home with Kubuntu…i’ve not
used it but understand that though it is quite different from openSUSE
it is as good a place to begin as any…

reading through that thread to date, i see you continue to
misunderstand, and they (too) are trying to explain that the
dbus-creating-new-dbus-daemons ‘problem’ you discovered is not a system
problem but rather a user understanding problem

that is, don’t do it the wrong way and it will work find:

while “kdesu kwrite” works fine these two do not

“sudo kwrite”
“su [then] kwrite”

both of those are incorrect usage and won’t work fine…which is not a
system problem, rather it is a user trying to use an incorrect
stanza…and then (in your case) solve the user problem not by using
the correct command, but rather by some convoluted way (like adding an
unnecessary bashrc into root’s home and . . .)

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