My background wallpaper app is not working in this distro

I got an background setting app I developed that works with every Linux/GNU distro I have ever used it on, except this one. My code works. I get nothing but bad image returned from imlib2 error handling from every image i have on my system. ( which is a lot). But if I use wmsetbg from WMaker an any of the same images it sets the image. So, is this a programming question, or what the hairball is going on with Opensuse question? I do not want to really post this question in two separate area’s in here either.

so does anyone have experience in imlib2 and openSuSe ?

2nd thought on what it might be permissions, even though that does not compute, because another setter of backgrounds works on the images, but, shooting in the dark here.

under groups it shows I belong to users and that’s it. cat /etc/group and I do not even show up.

userx@tumbles:~> cat /etc/group | grep users
userx@tumbles:~> groups