My application code is crashing at malloc library functions

Hi all,
i am using open suse 11.0 version. when i am running my c application it is crashing at memory allocation and deallocation points like malloc and free. In my appication i am allocating memory of around 263304 bytes when ever event occured. So my appication after some time it is crashing.
Can any one suggest what might be the problem and how to get out the problem. Kindly do the needfull.

Welcome to lovely programmer created C memory corruption bugs.

Somehow you are overwriting areas of your heap allocated memory and corrupting the allocation pool info. Look over your program carefully to see where you might be overrunning buffers, etc.

I think there are some debugging libraries that help you find such problems, but I’ve been out the C programming game for a while; I’ve been using languages with automatic memory management.