my apache2 website is fubar

I never had trouble like this before Zito bought FiberVision, or with Spectrum, or Bright House, or …

# curl
# dig +short
# curl
<IPaddress1> agrees with those. However, my router says “Internet port” is <IPaddress0>, and says nothing about a WAN port.

From my own web browsers, works as expected. However, /var/log/apache2/access_log is only showing hits from <IPaddress0> or or LAN IPs since November 9th. That’s probably the date I spent much phone time with my ISP (Zito Media) because of trouble with people not reaching my web site, details of which I’m totally unable to recall.

It seems to me that one must be my router’s WAN IP <IPaddress0>, while the other must be my cable modem’s outside IP <IPaddress1>. What needs to be done to fix this? Do I need to change something in my router’s setup, apache setup, get Zito to reconfigure something, or something else?

Do you want to restrict this thread to be read by those who understand this? I don’t.

I’m not sure I understand the question. Zito Media has been my cable ISP for about two months. Zito bought FiberVision, which was my ISP after I moved six months ago. I had no website/apache trouble before the changeover. I have no other cable (high speed, adequate for downloads concurrent with multiple Rokus/Firesticks) ISP option available. Every other ISP option is either much more expensive (e.g. satellite down, ??? up, and much slower than 50 Mbps), or inadequate (DSL: up to 6 Mbps). Spectrum was my cable ISP before I moved. Spectrum bought Bright House, or changed the name, I don’t remember which, but the change created no problems. Before that was another buyout or name change, the details of which I do not remember.

That makes it a bit more clear. They seem to be ISPs (in some part of the world). You should take into account that these are just silly words to most outside the region where these ISPs are known as such. A bit of explanation would have been nice.

set your router to send port 2080 to 80 and see if outsiders can get to your website by Ipaddress1:2080

if they can your ISP is blocking port 80.

I use zoneedit to map my_ip:80 to my_ip:2080 to get around the ISP blocking port 80.

Is Zito using CGNAT? That would cause problems with setting up a web server.

My own ISP (Metronet) uses CGNAT, but they do allow people to request a static IP (for an additional fee) as a way of avoiding CGNAT.

Maybe someone translate this recommendation into what to actually do in my router. Do I change something about the existing http, or add another http? Which of the four need to be 80 and which 2080? (from here)

When I had Zito on the phone last month the rep claimed Zito does not block port 80.

This suggests not:

Check your wan ip. If it is rfc1918 or starts with 100.64- you are behind cgnat
My WAN IP is not 100.64-. How to find out if rfc1918 applies is a mystery. Zito support complaints in for my area are heavy since its takeover, and it never answers phone, only takes messages, then does not call back very expeditiously. :frowning:

It was in the post:

FL, USA in the header IDs my region.

I would shortly after posting have edited the first line to be unambiguous, but was cut off by it being more than 10 minutes later by the time I noticed. What had happened before submitting initially was I edited what was the last line to become the first line, and didn’t catch its full impact before the edit cutoff.

A good part of the troubleshooting seems not to be based on real, factual information… only info from the server and anecdotes from neighbors.

Recomend you do your own probing from outside (through the Internet).
There are various tools you can use to do things like a reverse scan or probe, and you can use any device that uses a different ISP, eg your phone… You can load up tools on your phone itself or set it up as a modem or hotspot for your PC to run any tests.


The “rfc1918” is just saying to check whether your WAN IP (presumably what you refer to as “<IPaddress0>”) is from the rfc1918 private address ranges.

If what your router is using for its WAN is different from the IP that is seen by places that you connect to, then you may be using CGNAT or some similar ip-sharing system.

My phone only does voice conversations. I intentionally avoid anything wireless to whatever extent possible. I have only Roku and Firestick that are wireless.

My email provider has been down for 7 hours, so I can’t use it until ??? to explain to anyone I know who might do such things for me. I just refresh tabs to see if there have been any updates to follow up on here. I have IRC still working, so my brother could help if I knew what to tell him besides asking if my site is reachable or not. I guess at this point I have no choice but to try to connect with ISP support to explain why my site broke a month after it took over from the prior owner, and try to get it fixed from that end.

Nowadays I assume “everyone” has an Android or iPhone when they might not.
A phone is a convenient way to use another ISP, the main objective is to just get access to your Server from the Internet.

Are you able to set up a remote desktop on your brother’s machine?
If so, it would be a little bit slower because of the increased bandwidth usage but should still be possible for you to run scans, pings, name server resolutions, etc.

Otherwise, you can try using various free services on the Internet that can do common probing, eg


I set one up 3 hours ago at but until my email provider upchucks its response I have no means to know the details to use it.

I had ISP on phone twice so far in recent hour. From the response I got, it seems CGNAT must be in effect. It convinced me I had to buy a static IP for $5/mo to make Apache work again. I’m still waiting for that to engage.