mutt on opensuse 10.3 without SMTP support

mutt-1.5.16-36 on opensuse 10.3 lacks SMTP support as shown in mutt -v ("-USE_SMTP"). Does anyone know which version of mutt would have it for opensuse 10.3 and where can I download it from? I don’t want to compile from source or use an external program.


You might be out of luck, most likely the only alternative you have is to compile from your (or rather, in this case you’d just use the srpm - enabling the feature would only require editing the .spec file and letting the rpm do the rest of the work).

The output would be a couple of RPM packages that you could then install.

Arrr, those stubborn dogs…

For a long time the mutt maintainers kept saying, no we don’t want to implement SMTP in mutt, just make sure you have a sendmail program to call. Now they finally gave in to reason. But in a more recent version than you can get apparently.

However you can substitute ssmtp for sendmail for this purpose. If you don’t find an openSUSE package, you can always compile from source, it’s a small utility. :: sSMTP: A simple alternative to Sendmail

Also you may already have postfix running. That would have a (compatible) sendmail binary too.

Install msmtp and use that. It’s very simple and unless you are using gssapi auth the SuSE packaged rpms will support you.

If you do need gssapi you’ll have to install libgsasl7 with the devel packages (these are not currently available in the repos) and then build msmtp from source.