Mutt e-mail client

Is anyone using mutt for E-mail accounts. My provider doesn’t seem to want to help me. There are several conflicting advice sites. Any advice help will be appreciated.

On this Leap 15.3 system, Mutt and the documentation package seem to be installed by default.

  • Is the issue around SSL/TLS and/or POP3 and/or IMAP?

[HR][/HR]And, if anyone believes that, Mutt is “old”, the last changes made are dated on February 12, 2022 – <>.

Thanks, I’m reading the installed 12,000 line document…slowly.

I have Mutt (2.1.5) working with Gmail and OAUTH2 on Leap 15.3. These links helped me to get going fairly quickly:

General Setup

Config for multiple accounts

Helpful settings

Thanks for the links that I am following. My problem is that most of the online setup advice deals with Gmail accounts. I don’t use Gmail. My incoming mail goes to and is redirected to It shows up in mutt. My outgoing mail is sent to As I explained this method works…

:~> echo "" | mutt -s "subject" -i file.txt

…while executing mutt and using the menus, with the same addresses leaves me with…

CREATE failed: Permission denied

Same .muttrc for both.

This is my home directory .muttrc file…

set imap_pass="my eml password"
set realname    ="Ion"
set from = ""
set folder=imaps://
set smtp_url ="smtp://"
set smtp_pass = "my pobox password"
set ssl_force_tls =yes
set header_cache = ~/.cache/mutt
set spoolfile = "+INBOX"
set record ="+Sent"
set postponed="+Drafts"
set trash = "+Trash"
set editor ="nano"
set timeout=15
set mail_check=1
set check_new=yes
auto_view text/html