Mute button works only on the headphone output

I encountered the following problem after finally getting sound to work on my LG LS70 Express laptop with openSUSE 11 (fresh installation).

The multimedia buttons vol+ and vol- work as expected, while the mute button has no effect on the sound output. I do see a popup on the screen and a “muted speaker” icon, but the sound keeps playing.

However, if I plug in my headphones and press mute - the headphones are muted.

I came here after a long struggle with the system, the solution was found on the Intel sound card troubleshooting guide. (originally there was no sound from the built-in speakers, only through the headphones output).

I suspect this has something to do with: “S/PDIF(sharing w/Headphone Port)” source: official LG LS70 specs].

Just in case, here is my tsalsa report.

Any recommendations on where to dig further are appreciated.

I confess, I am confused as to your problem.
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I do NOT want to address the problem in this thread, as it is possible desktop related, and I have no experience in that respect.

I saw your other post first (before this one) and I wish you had kept that in this thread, as opposed to tagging on to someone else’s (where your hardware is completely different). … anyway … I can NOT help in this thread.