Music ID Question

I have a large music collection, all MP3 prior to all the DRM stuff.

I would like to correct the ID tags on all of them. Is there any good tools, gui or other wise that can use the file names and the cddb (I think thats what its called) database to correctly ID my files. I think this would be best done by command line. After words, I would like to re-organize my files to be in the correct folders based on the music type. That can be done by script.

Also what version should I be updating. Apparently theres v1 and v2. Is there a way to do both?

Any help in this would be great. I am a total Noob when it comes to Music File Management.


I had good luck with Pinky Tagger (now listed under Yast as KDE4-Pinky or something like that IIRC, search under MP3) It uses the music brainz library to identify mp3s by fingerprint. It allows you to manually edit them as well if you don’t agree with the suggestion.

cddb is used when initially creating your mp3s, but to my knowledge can’t be used with existing mp3s.

Whatever you use, if you have a large MP3 collection this is an undertaking, as you will want to manually confirm each one… While fingerprinting works well in most cases it can be wrong at times and you’ll still have mislabled songs if you try to automate.