Well, im kinda new into Linux and tried out ventrilo, didnt work so my next step it trying out Mumble.
I can assure my microphone works, since i can talk to friends through Skype without problems.
I can hear people on Mumble but they cannot hear me, my “talking light” doesent even turn on.
Dont know what i could be doing wrong.
PS: Besides, when i click on the Audio Assisstant, my whole mumble application crashes. Happpens the same when i click on options.


How did you install mumble (from source or repo) and what version?

i installed it from Yast menu, latest version 1.1.7

I have the 64bit version from this repo:

and is working without problems.

where can i get the 32 bit ?

ok, downloaded an RPM file and installed it, same exact problem, when i click on options it just crashes

does anyone know a possible solution? as VoIP is a pretty necessary function for me.


Just add this repo on your software sources and it will install the 32bit version if you are running 32bit OS.

I think your problem is not with mumble. Try to execute it from console so you can read any error message.

and how do i do that?
Im new to this :slight_smile:

Search the Wiki on how to add extra repositories in Yast, is well explained.

Regarding the console (or terminal) just open it and type “mumble”.