Mumble - Push to Talk/xbindkeys

So I have a problem with mumble that I don’t know how to solve… I’m a bit stuck.
Basically, my middle mouse button (button 2) wasn’t being detected by mumble when I was trying to enter a ptt key. The button itself was bound to do some weird copy-paste function, so I figured maybe that’s why, so I rebound it to Shift+Right arrow using xbindkeys and xvkbd. I then went into mumble and it detected this no problem, however due to the xbindkeys config, when I press the middle mouse button it only does the bound function once… i.e. I press it, it sends Shift+Right arrow to the X serv, but then stops, which is obviously useless for a push-to-talk button.

So, really what I am asking is, how should I go about sorting this? Is xbindkeys able to translate a keypress in sync with the mouse button (i.e if I hold the mouse button, it holds down the keys bound to it) or am I going down the wrong route and there is a better way to get middle mouse as my push to talk button on mumble. Perhaps a different keybind software?

Any help at all would be much appreciated!!


Nobody have any ideas? Any sort of hint as to why mumble might ignore mouse buttons for binding would be great? It seems to not accept ANY of my logitech mice buttons as ptt, but works fine with another much cheaper mouse!