multiple network card

I have 3 network card in my computer and want to use these at the same time but now I can’t and I have to select one of them each time.


Please explain where you want to use them for: different networks, is the system to be used as a router, a firewall?

I want to use this computer as a firewall and define an external network an an internal network using network cards.And monitor communication between them.

Ok that makes it more clear, thank you.

I hope others who have already done such a thing may jump in here.

I can only suggest a few things. You say you can only use one NIC, but do not explain what your configuration process was.

Did you use YaST > Network Devices > Network Card to configure?
And did you choose “Traditional method with ifup” in the Global Tab?
And in the Address Tab did you switch off DHCP using static addresses?
Did you use addresses in two different (sub)nets for the two cards?

(These are all things I would do, but that does not mean that this is the only way that will bring everyrhing to a workingstatus).

This thread should help :
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i’ve two networks where i live,one is mine(usb),the other i don’t know(wifi),you can connect your pc with the favourite connection(the free wifi for me) and launch the other connection with the network window(my net operator),it needs only a firefox manual configuration.