Multiple instances of Evolution


I have a main Desktop PC running Opensuse 11.3. Everything is running fine, KDE is used but with a mixture of Gnome, KDE and other applications.
Evolution is used as mail client.
Now I have a notebook too with Windows (but I don’t think that’s part of the problem) from which I sometimes connect to my desktop from another room using Cygwin and run Evolution to work on my email.
I have noticed that when evolution is running on my desktop and remotely on the notebook each instance doesn’t see the changes made on the other instance.
That is if I delete some emails remotely connected from my notebook and then go to my desktop the emails are still there even after refreshing and changing folders etc.
Then I tried to reproduce the behaviour using 2 evolution sessions on my desktop pc and it’s the same, changes in one session are not seen in the other.
Is there any way I can get the sessions to reflect the changes made regardless where they were made.
Maybe that is not trivial and that is why Thunderbird and Sylpheed don’t allow a second session when one is already running.
Any Ideas?