Multiple displays: Curious error


I am experiencing a peculiar problem: My mouse pointer thinks that my screen is in some sense smaller. As a consequence the pointer cannot be used for copying text or clicking in the bottom part of the screen.

My primary screen is an external monitor (1680x1050) and my laptop’s screen (1280x1024) is turned off via gnome-control-center -> displays.

There is a clumsy workaround, which is to turn on both screens after the boot and then turn the laptop’s screen off again. After that, I can use the pointer normally until next reboot.

I am running a fresh install of OpenSUSE 12.3. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Here is a good guide Change primary monitor in Gnome 3

Thank you for the tip. Running

xrandr --output LVDS1 --primary


You may need to do it every time you log in into your system according to that page
Was “~/.config/monitors.xml” solution not working for you ?

Unfortunately, I have to do the “xrand --primary” trick every time I log in.
The file “~/.config/monitors.xml” is leaved unchanged by gnome-control-center and xrand. The file looks like this:

<monitors version="1">
  <monitors version="1">
      <output name="LVDS1">
      <output name="VGA1">
      <output name="TV1">

You xml seems to be malformed . It has two “<monitors version=“1”>”

That’s a copy and paste error, in the file there is only one line. I also tried to move the “<primary>yes</primary>” into the LVDS1 section, but that did not help either.